The BEN Crew

Photograph of the Lisme Crew

Melanie Cole, Catherine Strange, Peter Brown and Terry Driscoll are L’Ismé’s Port Watch Team and John Kinchin, Daniel Roswell, Keith Wall and Katie Gibson are the Starboard Watch Team. The eight BEN crew members are from The AA, MPSA, NGK, and Ontime Automotive Limited.

Incredibly, the guys only met for the first time on Saturday 7th July 2007. They have since notched up over 300 racing miles on L’Ismé to qualify for this year’s Fastnet.

The yachting veterans on L’Ismé for The Fastnet are Watch Leaders Alistair Pearson and David Scott, tremendously brave owner-skipper James Hope-Lang (L’Ismé is James’ yacht!) and chef Andy Sharples. Onboard humour is being supplied at no extra cost by Terry ‘Tommy Cooper’ Driscoll.